Monday, November 28, 2016

Nothing is more heart wrenching than to get a call from your wife, visiting family for the holiday at in laws home that CPS has just taken the kids claiming the home is un safe. This is gonna me my real time account of the proceedings forth, having just gotten this call on Monday November 28th 2016.  This will be the goings on thru my eyes of what the people are trying to do.. Rip my family apart. This is for evidence, this is for the protection of my family. There will be some cold hard truth and facts come to light that some of the readers can't handle.. Those who can handle it? GETS IT...

I will be updating with pictures, recordings, screenshots and any other evidence that will protect me for the VULTURES that preyed upon my family and meticulously and sneakily took away my kids while they were visiting grandma at grandmas house.

from this brief pre-text above and this point foward. everything is going online ON AND FOR PUBLIC RECORD.

What they did to me, and how I am dealing with it to make things right...


Here's the catch and stay tuned for what I find out about the kicker.. about an hour after they left with the kids.. the police bought my wife a citation for leaving the front door open and the excuse for the ticket was that 'anyone could have just come in and took the baby' .. so. the KIDNAPPERS KIDNAPPED MY KIDS TO PROTECT THEM FROM WOULD BE KIDNAPPERS IN A SMALL TOWN> where everyone leaves their front doors open weather permitting .

can't wait till the internet get's a hold of this one, it's gonna be an interesting experience. I know we are good parents, I know right from wrong and so do my kids.

Good Luck Kidnappers... I will use the very laws you hide behind against you. just like you use anything I say against me... Getta Using...


Saturday, February 26, 2005


Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my World - TheResourceGuy

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Do you know enough to know, that you still do not know enough?

The world of technology and the world of business are constantly merging ideas, new ventures, home-based business trends, and commerce. This makes our lives just a little bit easier.

Human nature tells us that we want everything easy and now. Instant gratification seekers (all humans) are the advent, of the ever evident daily human interaction with the developing Dotcom Era and the World Wide Web. Did you order a pizza online ten years ago? Could you pay your utility bills or do your banking online ten years ago?

One short decade ago these daily tasks of life were simply unheard of to do with a computer. They hadn’t even existed in the majority of the world population. Even the most tech savvy civilizations just did not see it.

Did you know that the first ever officially public email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971? Ray Tomlinson, an engineer at a computer company called Bolt, Beranek and Newman, in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, conducted an experiment to see if he could get two computers to exchange a message.

It was Ray Tomlinson who decided to use the @ symbol to separate the recipient’s name from the location of the computer at the other end. The first ever email message by Mr. Tomlinson was "QWERTYUIOP."

To illustrate the rapid growth of the internet since then, In December 2002 the USA made the record books of having over 160 million users online and the world total was around 665 million users. Wow, what a rapid growth rate.

We never saw it coming. All of a sudden, it’s here, its now, and it’s the greatest trend that will ever have such impact on all of human activity since the dawn of time.

Just as human nature has a tendency to basically never change, the principles of business basically never change. Traits of a successful business include a win/win/win deal, Online or offline.

Any successful business must have a valuable, useful product or service. The end consumer must receive tangible or intangible value and solutions related to the amount of money exchanged. The person or business that brings the two together must be financially compensated for doing so.

This process creates a Win for the Supplier, a Win for the end user, and a Win for the provider/salesman/retailer/affiliate/webmaster/etc... This is how our economy works. This is how it has always worked since the first transaction has ever taken place.

Regardless of how technology helps us refine our methods of completing this process, these basic principles of commerce will never change. Peter Drucker once said: "A business exists, to create a customer, if the customer (end user) does not exist. The business will never get off the ground."

If you own a business, what does a customer mean to you; someone that needs what you have and willing to pay you to get their hands on it? How do you define the word Customer?

What is a customers’ value to you, your business, and our economy? What is the customers’ value to your business over the lifetime of your business and/or the lifetime of your customer? These are the questions you must ask of yourself as a business owner, on a daily basis. They must always be in the forefront of your daily operations.

If you cannot answer these questions to yourself with confidence and assure yourself that you truly offer a valuable product or service, something that creates a lasting, productive, business to consumer relationship, then you will not benefit from the technology of the internet in your business.

This scenario, once proven to be effective, in defining a need and filling that need, can be duplicated. As long as you have thoroughly defined the need, you have created a customer, a marketplace; droves of people lined up willing to purchase what you have to offer.

"Single file please" If there are droves of people lining up to purchase what you have, how do we know who gets service or attention from you when they need it the most? (When they are ready to be instantly gratified by doing business with you) ???

You must have an effective way of politely asking your prospective customers to line up Single File! You must have an organized way of communicating and educating your prospects about your wares.

The first contact list was not some list of addresses bought or sold. The first contact list dates back to the very first, little black book and the labor intense process of entering each individual into your little black book, one meeting at a time and one person at a time.

The power of building and cultivating a responsive contact list was evident long before the Internet was ever even thought of. Direct Marketers built contact lists of like minded people that were particularly interested in a certain topic. (Single file lines)

Some were lined up to buy magazine subscriptions. Do you read magazines? Have you ever received a letter from Publisher’s Clearinghouse? Ever even wonder how they got your name and address? Publisher’s Clearinghouse is one of the most successful direct mail marketers of all time.

Why? Because they knew early on in their business that it would be wise to identify the magazine readers and line them up single file into their contact list. Then continuously "contact them" with offers that they already knew were of interest to them.

Would you like to be in the category of such a successful business? Well you can! Just add your first contact! Start building and cultivating your contact list. Can you imagine how many postage stamps Publisher’s Clearinghouse had to buy?

You are fortunate to not have to by any postage stamps whatsoever. You are living in the Era of the Email and the Dotcom. The advantage of owning your own computer allows you to have an infinite little black book that will grow in value, to your business over time. Your contact list will appreciate over time, much like real estate does.

Unless you are a franchise, your business did not come with an owner’s manual. A majority of small and home-based business owners are constantly struggling to handle the daily tasks of owning and operating a business (profitably and satisfactorily), mainly because they don’t have an owner’s manual.

In this article you have discovered two hugely demanded needs in the marketplace of our economy. There is a huge need for guidance and direction in the daily operations of almost every single business in the world.

Most businesses are run by hands on, reacting to situations that arise, as opposed to the proactive way, of defining every single reaction ahead of time and recording the solutions for such future occurrences.

The purpose of this article is to introduce to you, two of the most highly demanded needs in any entrepreneur’s life. You being the entrepreneur, it’s your duty to explore why…

You can be a veteran business person, or in the pre-start up stages of your business. It doesn’t matter as long as you recognize the facts stated herein and affirm to yourself that:

"YOU do know enough to know, that you still do not know enough"

By: The Resource Guy

"The World is my Resource. The Computer/Internet is just how I share My World with YOURS"

The ResourceGuy

Michael P Wentworth Sr.



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